Network security became a top priority for many businesses in 2021, following a sharp increase in sophisticated cyberattacks that left IT companies and department scrambling to address. Instead of having to deal with damage control and expensive downtime and data breaches, we’ve taken the most damaging threats and broken down how to identify your company’s weaknesses when it comes to network and data security.

Why is network security important?

A recent Salesforce survey revealed that cloud computing and online solutions are the gold standard for 4 out of 5 businesses. More than 95 percent of those reported moving at least some of their operations online in 2021. Online activity includes social media, ads, email, and any other digital pursuits that provide a gateway to a company’s internal network and data storage solutions.

The risk to your company and customers

Where there’s a gateway, there must be security against fast-moving hacks and cyberattacks aimed at mining your company’s data. Think you don’t store any data that cyber thieves would want? Let’s take a look at commonly compromised and stolen data that’s used by identity thieves and scam artists:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Billing addresses

Most small, medium, and large businesses store this customer information. This data is the most valuable and vulnerable information a business stores, and the reason the cyber liability insurance industry is booming.

Sterling Client Services can help you secure your data

Just one data breach that puts any of your customers’ data at risk can trigger a financial landslide for both you and your customers. Make sure any IT companies you’re considering to protect your business assets have a plan for addressing all possible network security vulnerabilities, in addition to normal IT support services.

Reach out to us today to learn how our team of professionals can assess your current cybersecurity measures and provide recommendations for improvement. As members of your extended team, our IT support specialists understand how to secure your business, create back-up and contingency plans, and keep you and your team informed and educated, each step of the way.