Many IT companies offer network security packages that address scans and periodic updates, but you need more than the basics. Explore these five cybersecurity essentials before you consider hiring any local IT companies to secure your business data.

Security Essential 1: Data backup and recovery plans

It’s a running joke that many IT companies’ support teams start every helpdesk call with the advice to, “turn it off, then turn it on again.” In reality, this may be what your business has to do when resetting after a cyberattack.

Redundant backup systems – both local and in the cloud – can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes your business to recover in the event of an attack. Your IT provider should set daily or weekly system backups and know how to implement them quickly when needed.

Security Essential 2: Malware risk assessment

Because malware (and ransomware, one of its variations) is developed by hackers who adapt to protective measures quickly, IT companies face a changing landscape when assessing risk. A risk mitigation plan should assess employee and hygiene issues and offer a regular schedule of updates and maintenance solutions for your business.

Security Essential 3: Employee cybersecurity training

Training employees on how to spot and avoid e-mail phishing scams should be at the top of all IT companies’ to-do lists. Frequent password changes (that are enforced) and dual-factor authentication should also be implemented. Let employees know why you’re taking these steps so they’re more likely to comply right away.

Security Essential 4: Mobile device security

Cell phones and laptops with work e-mail system access are an entry point for hackers. Lost and stolen mobile technology devices present a real and present danger to business cybersecurity, so make sure you keep accurate logs of devices, make regular firmware and software updates, and clearly communicate your expectations with employees about how devices are to be secured.

Check into mobile device management options for more transparency and control over company-connected devices.

Security Essential 5: Cloud-based solutions security

Cloud-based computing comes with a variety of security measures when configured properly from the start. Ask any IT companies you’re considering what cloud options they would recommend for top security, why, and how they’ll support your team during implementation.

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