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IT infrastructure support services

If you’re shopping for a new IT service and support firm, you may have noticed that there’s no “submit a support ticket” function on our website. We want to resolve your IT needs with quick and personal responses without the added wait times often associated with ticket systems.

Sterling Client Services, Inc. offers personalized support that includes direct support contact. Our clients have a cell phone number and can speak to their dedicated support technician whenever needed. You won’t find that level of service with any other IT provider. Go ahead and ask them! We’ll wait…

Imagine the on-demand IT support you deserve

With Sterling Client Services, Inc., you don’t have to imagine it. Our mission is to provide exceptional IT support based on decades of experience, for clients who know us by name and trust us to keep their business IT processes functioning smoothly. We care about our clients because it’s what we do. Our business and our reputation depend on personalized attention and long-term client relationships based on providing excellent service.

Get to know the history behind Sterling Client Services, Inc.

Sterling’s mission and vision are built on a commitment to customer service by the company’s founders, Holly and Reed Cheesborough. Since 1991, Sterling Client Services, Inc. has been a Dallas-based IT company dedicated to providing excellent service and support for clients who know their Sterling consultant by name.