Productivity is key to business success, but if you put off a necessary computer upgrade, your productivity could suffer. Here are five signs that it’s time for a business computer upgrade.

Declining Performance

The first sign of a deteriorating computer is declining performance. There are varying opinions about the lifespan of a computer, but they generally last less than 5 years. If your computer takes longer to power on, shut down, or open programs, it is time to start considering an upgrade.

Compatibility Issues

As you replace other technologies around your business, you will start to experience compatibility issues. Changes in hardware such as power supplies, peripherals, or connection ports limit your computer’s ability to connect to a network or complete other essential tasks.

Multitasking Issues

Gone are the days of using one program at a time. Many businesses require multiple programs. If your computer has difficulty running multiple programs or even switching quickly between internet tabs, it could be time for an upgrade.

Outdated Hardware

Updates are constantly developed to improve the performance of your computer. After a certain amount of time, operating systems reach an “end of life” date. This means that the developer has determined that any device with this system will no longer receive updates, and that could spell trouble. 

Outdated Security

An outdated operating system also means outdated security. Regular developer updates provide the most current protection focused on new security threats. New technology also has controlled access features such as biometrics, so if your system has reached end of life, so has your security framework.

Business Computer Upgrade Consulting Services

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine if your computer needs repairs or replacement. Sterling Client Services offers the expertise you need to make the right call and evaluate new computer options.

Keeping up-to-date on ever-changing trends and technology can be a challenge. Having the best technology for your business improves efficiency and profitability. Our expert team can help you develop a plan to maintain your current systems so that aging hardware doesn’t negatively impact your operations. Proper maintenance and regular updates and function checks will help new systems last longer. When it is time for a business computer upgrade, your account manager will help to implement your custom upgrade plan. Learn more about our IT consulting services today.